dennis scharnberg

model of kindness

The sudden presence of a videocam (mounted on a tripod) changed the behavior of everyone present.  It was as though a spell had been cast.

Chris Marlowe, The Phoenix Park Murders.

power law event

A white ball lies upon a grassy terrace.  And what does Devlin say?  “Oh, look there, a lovely red ball!”

Maxwell Havers, The Complete Undoing of Lord Tuckahoe.

as we speak


Auntie chamber

Andrew Tertullian, Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

for your consideration

…not that they are liars, but that they are so bad at lying.

Winston Joyce,  Rational Agent Theory.

into murky waters

Lawrence did not seek redemption.  Not quite.  He simply yearned for better ways to waste time.

Miles Everett Mander, Hard-Won Tales.