dennis scharnberg

reaching material yield

In his still unpublished Treatise on Gambling he devoted five chapters to the task of “reducing the rate at which one loses.”

Palmer Dove, The Edwardian Moment.

well to do

“Well, it’s just too bad that God does exist,” said Mr. Lockwood, softly. “But, yes, I think I do see your problem.”

Thaddeus Crewes, The Seven Long Years.

paving the road

“As I have told you repeatedly, Jerry, I am always suspicious of those who pay me compliments. Suspicious to the point of despising them.”

Rollin Mungo, Selected Rants of Mr. Barraclough.

inversion of all

That a Rothko looks handsome on an otherwise blank wall—that it can hold the wall—is exactly what the artist did not want. It is exactly what modernism desired to surpass.

Anton Melnikas, Warhol and the Anti-Image.

strawberry feels forever

“There must be some explanation,” returned Mister Collins.

Trevor Walpole, The Imperfect Stranger. (1784)

all hallow eve

“If they tell you the truth, it is by mistake. By mistake, old boy!”

Everson Dwight, Theory of Machines, a Novel.

a planetary wobble

“In the New World Order,” admitted Archie, “we’ll have to prove that we’re not smart.”

Corliss Archer, Boarding the Crazy Train.

opening the box

“Annette’s problem is that she will neither come in nor go out.”

Christina Rubb, The Awful Puzzle.

cowboy boot paradise

“Perhaps Jack the Ripper was just curious about human anatomy,” suggested Edward, hoping to remove that awful smirk from Mindy’s face.

Chadwick Graves, One Damned Thing After Another.

using ordinary language

When the cataclysm hasn’t happened, those who predicted it seem foolish.

Hunter Hogarth, Raised by Wolves.