dennis scharnberg

one beerless boy

November 22, 2014.     Bimboo: particularly stupid bamboo.

Reginald Boyington,  Dear Dreadful Diary.

facial tattoos welcome

“I just want to help,” Roger insisted.  “Like Chelsea Clinton, I want to help and help and help.”

Stephanie Biggers,  Cat Farming in Nigeria.

degrading the host

The Smart Phone is hand-held postmodernism.

Roger Hedgecook,  Stolen and Sold for Parts.

mild pleasant drowsiness


Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

onward and downward

Feminism:  a series of lies endlessly repeated; a sledgehammer.

Nathaniel Bumppo,  The Putrescence of the Word.

just drifting along

Edward was considering a move into the hiphop arena.  But with an altogether new form of hiphop, involving clever literary allusions.

Ralston Dowd,  The General Ghastliness.

coeli et terra

Again, there will be a reluctance to use “good” and “evil”.  They will prefer “light” and “darkness” or “order” and “chaos”.  The idea, clearly, is to grind the words good and evil into dust.

Winslow Steele,  The Anatomy of Stasis.

the lonesome sea

If we have historians 300 years from now, and that seems unlikely, but if we do here is what they will say about us:  “They liked boxes.”

Charles Brookland,  Walking the Plank.

velcro never stops

In the realm of theory, Freudian psychology might just be the worst moment of all.  That statement considers both falsehood and pernicious influence.

Winslow Steele,  The Anatomy of Stasis.

makeup and lighting

When the evidence is sparse (Paleontology), there should be an aura of uncertainty.  There should be probing doubt, and probing questions.  There should be dispute.  And what do we have?  Jovial agreement.

Hampton Fancher,  Variations on the Red Barn Con.