dennis scharnberg

coming and going

“But how do we take a text literally, Jack?  What are we doing when we do that?”

Anselm Bligh,  A Collection of Miniatures.

please help writers

“There is plenty of civilization yet to be dirtied,” chimed the good doctor.  “To work!”

Silas Burbage,  The Adventurous Half-Life of Buddy Boyo.

corrosion of everything

When you have dwelled in fantasy for so long, you do not realize how ridiculous you sound.  You cannot.

Jason K. Broadus,  The Ice of My Dreams.

chart of oppression


Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

lost wax method

“Please try to remember that Annette uses language as though words possess only emotional content.”

Chadwick Graves,  One Damned Thing After Another.

arrogant and cowardly

Nobody is bored.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

private parts parade

“The human pretense to knowing, Michael.  Now, that is comedy!”

Silas Burbage,  The Adventurous Half-Life of Buddy Boyo.

more cute architecture

“Surely it may be said, at this late date, that an orifice is a social construct and nothing more.”

Will Bestwyck,  Letters From Mr. Palindrome.

elephant in room

“If you actually don’t care, Hawkins, why bother to say so?”

Thaddeus Crewes,  Crowded Evil World.

listening to voices

Harry had come to regard his inability to get rid of things as a sort of talent.

Corliss Archer,  Boarding the Crazy Train.