dennis scharnberg

chest of drawers

“That’s a girl’s writing, Linda. No guy who ever put pen to paper would write the word vivid.

Marston Moore, Sweet Meteor of Death.

do not bend

November 5, 2014. Here is another word never to be used again: “amazing.”

Reginald Boyington, Dear Dreadful Diary.

under the radar

“No, Millicent, he had to be sworn in. That had to happen first. It’s a sine qua non. Only then can something else happen.”

Chadwick Graves, Maoist Struggle Session and Other Stories.

glitter of world

The wring of truth.

Andrew Tertullian, Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

old communist hag

When fact declines from its status of primary significance, it descends directly to no significance.

Trevor Albertus, Malevolent Asymmetry.

balloon drifting along

Give me theory, or give me death!

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

pale aimless light

Lizzie learned how to grin—and learned so many other things—at the Yale School of Dramatic Arts.

Ralston Dowd, A Spot of Bother.

write a letter

“…and you must apprehend it, young Bosworth, that to the wicked a decent man is an insufferable abomination.”

Trevor Walpole, The Imperfect Stranger. (1784)

magical sparkling screen

“If my foot’s not jammed into my mouth already,” sang dear old Cyril, “just be patient.”

Quentin Drabb, Ebenezer’s Untold Tales.

lifting the veil

“What do I look for in an ad? I look for an opportunity to learn. About the world. About people.”

Diana Moone, Living Well.