dennis scharnberg

boost me please

What we lack is anything that might permit application of the word charming.

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

bucket of stones

“The cursor will always be with us, won’t it? Jane? Won’t it?”

Winslow Holmer, Philosophy of Advertising.

central government miracles

What does it mean for us when birds wander?

Brendan Sanders, Speaking in Wonders.

Brand X irony

The task of the philosopher today is to conceal his fallacies.

Brendan Sanders, Speaking in Wonders.

having haw haws

Old Man Bob always wore that same ragged hat. Wherever he went, it would go also.

Miles Bantry, ed., Mr. Roode’s Rustic Tales.

pretty red shoes

Nothing ever quite collapses. Degradation simply continues.

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

all is well

“They might not know much, Jeffries. But this was no accident. They knew what they were doing, and they knew it from the beginning.”

William Warren, A Lone Wolf.

elites and morons

Nothing in the world makes sense until we force it to make sense.

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

lock and key

“Disappointment is underrated, Maddie. I say explore it. I say give it a chance.”

Endicott Campbell, An Accidental Likeness.

horror of logic

She would often make a sack lunch for her son, to carry to school. On more than one occasion this consisted of a whole yellow onion—unpeeled—and a spoon to eat it with.

Havilland Hunt, Miss Judy and Jim.