dennis scharnberg

consuming resources badly

“The space between gas molecules,” whispered Bradley.  “That’s what we must comprehend.”

Chadwick Graves,  One Damned Thing After Another.


circling the wagons

I want more physics,”  declared Winston, “not less.”

Kiefer Sythe,  The Detective Club.

telling tall tales

The opposite of love is not hate.  It is indifference.

Crispin Leary,  The Elysian Fields.

material yield point

…she appeared to be claiming the right to be believed.

Allison Terew,  The Shining Shifting Things.

hullabaloo and shindig

“Systems have needs,” said Hogarth.  “Not like you or me, mind you.  But needs nonetheless.”

Rubina Malcolm,  The Black Box.

flock of blackbirds

…the past considered as a box of old photographs….

Ann Schupbach,  The Perfect Reader.

making things better


Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

work of art

…a bridge is a tautology.

Godfrey Daniel,  Inspecting the Time Domain.

eating and drinking

“I regard it as possibly the worst thing that has ever happened,”  snapped the old boy.  “And I do not anticipate being given a posthumous award when others are eventually forced to recognize the truth of this!”

Griffin Poindexter,  Particle Swarm Theory: More Stories.

bathing in ice

The function of Vogue is to warn women about the coming fashion trends.  To prepare them.

Dorothy Edwin,  Every Nicole Finds Her Julius.