dennis scharnberg

riot by schedule

The triumph of subjectivity. It’s roots in England, in the 1820s. And onward did it march.

Amanda Willcoxen, ed., The Literary and Philosophical Fragments of Gregory James Sallust.

nope a dope

Does an old chipped mug, by virtue of holding [Duchamp’s] fingerprints, qualify now for full curatorial support?

Crispin Trove, The Viewer as Pest.

incident number 549

He found consolation in his old indecipherable books. And in the walls all around him.

Agatha Vox, When Everything Was Singing.

memo to myself

“I want to be told that I am happy, Gavin. And in no uncertain terms!”

Corliss Archer, Boarding the Crazy Train.

behind the mirror

Among other things, Dickens was a master of lists, as was Shakespeare 250 years before him.

Palmer Coates, The Dark Afternoon of the Soul.

river of joy

Discipline: an obsolete concept.

Nathaniel Bumppo, The Putrescence of the Word.

wine bar marxism

It’s not what happens during sleep that matters. It is that we sleep. That’s what tells us something.

Octavius Kinder, A Sustainable Unhappiness.

knocking down chairs

“Well, sir, confusion is my meat and drink. My joy. I specialize in confusion.”

Benedict Elder, A Cosmopolitan Paradise.

plot of movie

They were told that life began when lightning struck a mud puddle. And they can’t get past that. They do not try.

Hilbert Kaasa, The Fabian Way.

rocking the boat

He paid 180 million for that de Kooning. That is roughly $900,000 for each brushstroke.

Crispin Trove, The Viewer as Pest.