dennis scharnberg

celebrate nose rings

organized rhyme

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

too plus too

“Stare into the pool, Alicia.  Stare and keep on staring.  Soon you will be miles away.”

George Jeffreys,  Squaresville.

bucketful of mud

“It would have to be Alinsky Rule 4.  It’s just that simple, Dwight.  There is no complexity.”

Corliss Archer,  Boarding the Crazy Train.

lying comes easy

Curiously Strong Meants

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

in that ring

“What great religious leader was it—because, damn it, I just cannot remember—but who was it, really, who taught that we should be indiscriminately nice to everyone all the time?”

Hildebrand Slough,  The Perfect List.

pulling on boots

Roger placed the following statement at his favorite ad site:  “Used statues for sale, patina included.”

Chadwick Graves,  Maoist Struggle Session and Other Stories.

glimpse of stocking

Proceed without caution.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

on all fours

That was followed by “Confusing Eleanor” and “A Bit Peckish.”  But it was a shorter poem, titled “The Lonely Dental Floss,” that led to the protracted legal conflict with the Frank Zappa estate.

George Jeffreys,  Poetry and Plays of E. E. Bynum.

less of it

…bounding down the lane in jaunty fashion, and in this order, came the following odd lot: two smiling piglets who appeared to be twins, a wobbly rooster who looked as though he wished to smile but lacked the apparatus, a spaniel named Robert, and an oversized hedgehog who hummed his way along…

Forrest Gringarten,  A Red Wheelbarrow.

hip hip hooray

farce  of  attraction

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.