dennis scharnberg

opportunity for satirist

Aye their oar.

Andrew Tertullian, Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

caging the beast

Eye their ore.

Andrew Tertullian, Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

attending to riddles

She heard the footfalls, and looked up suddenly. But she wasn’t afraid. She seemed genuinely curious about who was approaching her in the darkness.

Bertram Worcester, The Smiling Killer.

works and days

“She went out the window,” whispered Thomas, not quite believing his own words. “Straight out. I mean all the way out.”

Virgil Simms, The Case of the Frivolous Factotum.

burning books digitally

“I see it, Eleanor. I see it quite clearly. But I do not believe it. Not in the least.”

Diana Moone, Living Well.

feeling of emptiness

We will know that the tide has turned when Winston Smith is regarded as the bad guy.

Hilbert Kaasa, The Fabian Way.

please awaken now

Polyphony is movement. In the listener. By means of voices.

Benedict Symes, A Meditation on Periodicity.

units of measure

“Jung was wrong to have second thoughts about the Oedipal Complex. There should have been no thoughts about it.”

Rollin Mungo, Selected Rants of Mr. Barraclough.

incomparable ice tongs

“Could he have strangled himself? Seriously, Joan. Can you think of a way?”

Michael Wayne Hammer, Mystery of the Murmuring Maiden.

functional squeak doll

“So what does motivate us, hmm? Got an answer, Dr. Freud? Carl? Anybody?”

Desmond Ogg, Waving Fields of Alfalfa.