dennis scharnberg

portals to hell

“As usual, the goal is to look like you are not an enemy.”

Chadwick Graves, One Damned Thing after Another.

teaching the kids

“There is no such thing as power, Brenda. But there is control.”

Thaddeus Crewes, Crowded Evil World.

like no other

If you lose, the enemy will decide what it was all about (as World War II demonstrates).

Roone Giddings, Dirty Old Coins.

happy happy happy

Theater is reality.

Roger Sensabaugh, A Short History of Boredom.

still and peaceful

“We have considered the matter at some length and have come to the conclusion that, yes, we are quite sophisticated.” Mr. Travis inferred this statement strictly from the smirk on Lydia’s face.

Charles Jeffrey Yett, Writing in Miniature—Vol. Three.

backed by science

Convincing a person to like some particular thing is a form of sophistry.

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

pale wildwood flower

…besides, the greatest architect of all was actually a composer named Johann Sebastian Bach.

Harold Nazworthy, Weidemeyer’s Admiral.

being lied to

Box of pine, barrel of wine, scrub me ever till I shine….

Anne Sensabaugh, The Faulty Haiku.

induced economic coma

The notion that “there is no turning back” is crucial to modernism. It is equal in importance to the relentless promotion of “star” players (van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, Warhol).

Hill Boothby, Essays on Disappointment Management.

degree in journalism

“Silas Wegg, for example, was scrupulously dishonest. He found a sort of pride, or sense of purpose, in that.”

Will Bestwyck, Letters from Mr. Palindrome.