dennis scharnberg

dithering blithering idiots

Sam’s brutal mockery of television programs continued right through the summer.  Week after week.  Show after show.  “Write it all down, Sammy!”—that’s what his friends would say.

Will Southey,  Government Cheese, the Novel.

make it snappy

The current denizens of western civilization are adept at one thing in particular:  avoiding God.

Christopher Jayne,  A Critique of Sincerity.

ruby and violet

Quentin:    But why do you idealize the world?

Michael:    Because I need to.

Amanda Willcoxen, ed.,  The Literary and Philosophical Fragments of Gregory James Sallust.

cat and fiddle

“…and the whole layout was like some sort of architectural pun,”  said Atkins, leaving his audience completely baffled but yearning for more.

Benedict Elder,  A Cosmopolitan Paradise.

more great movies

“Sounds are merely sounds, Cassandra.  They don’t mean anything.”

Timothy Waldo,  The Important Thing.

cigar store indian

Phillips claimed loud and long that he wanted to experience such-and-such.  To experience it first and, then, to write short stories about it all.  This would be followed by publication of the stories, and then seeing them written up in one of the major book reviews.  Then, of course, there would be the short list for one of the major literary prizes.  These, he contended, would be the intentions of almost any sane person.

Anselm Bligh,  A Collection of Miniatures.

join the club

“Might there be drawbacks to animal worship?” Stacie wondered.

Hartley Spinks,  All Along the River Run.

magical sparkling box

The more nihilists the better.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

on a mission

“Of course I cannot know, Bertie.  I am limited to surmise and inference, just like all the others.”

Leonard Lundy,  I Can Hear the Robin Sing.

pleasant and unpleasant

A circle of admirers.  That’s what Hudson wanted.  But just how broad should that circle be?  That morning, at 9:06, he had no answer.  No scheme at all.

Hartley Spinks,  All Along the River Run.