dennis scharnberg

randomized likelihood function

In response to a gallery visitor’s question, Gwen confirmed that the insufferable dreariness of her work was indeed intentional.

Tristan Holyoke,  A Tree Full of Monkeys.


look a squirrel

When we lose the ability to be disgusted, we lose the moral value of disgust.

Hill Boothby,  The Dazzling Realm of Almost.

create an algorithm

“Don’t be ridiculous, Emma.  We dwell in a world of lies because that is the easy way to live.”

Agatha Vox,  When Everything Was Singing.

herrings and cod

June 17, 2017.   Yet another word ruined:  “trope.”  I’ll never use it again.

Reginald Boyington,  Dear Dreadful Diary.

whistling a tune

“I know nothing about nihilism, Katharine.  Nothing at all.”

Thaddeus Crewes,  Crowded Evil World.

listening to air

Daphne acknowledged that she had indeed thought about weeping.  But it had gone no further.

Diana Moon,  Living Well.

wishy washy words

When the interviewer asked Pogba whether he was a cannibal, Pogba responded with, “I am part cannibal; I am no purist.”

Sebastian Sleeve,  The Random Walk and Other Stories.

societal madness quotient

“The answer is quite clear, Julia.  He likes the niche better than he likes the sculpture.”

Pryce Cummings,  Rattle Box.

most sincerely yours

If you gaze into the puddle, the puddle also gazes into you.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

more hot hoosh

He overheard the phone conversation.  Or her part of it.  He heard her say “Yes” and then hang up.  That was it.

Kiefer Sythe,  The Detective Club.