dennis scharnberg

a crying jagged

—“What is it?  What is it there, mum?”

—“It is prettiness.  It is prettiness in a box,” came the reply.

Sudie Deane Tallow, The Mystery of the Dull Parcels.

wicky wacky woo

Harold thinks that he is in a movie, with himself in the starring role.  And he thinks this all day long.  Every day.

Hodge Carmichael, A Collection of Miniatures.

more soothing dullness

“Our inability to foresee consequences is well-established,” muttered Williams.

Giles Coxe-Coburn, Tooth and Claw.

gracious golden twinkling

How difficult it must be for them!  To dwell with their irreducible and relentless sophistication.

Trent Bendix,  Patricia Knows Best.

step right up

A distraught journalist informed us that he could not find the words to say what he thereupon proceeded to tell us.

Nigel Swarbrick, A Bootful of Nails.

everyone a novelist

milli-Helen:  a unit of measurement that indicates the amount of feminine facial beauty necessary to launch one ship.

Nathaniel Bumppo, The Putrescence of the Word.

break of day

The works of art have no intrinsic value.  They are simply necessary to establish the status of “artist.”  That is the important matter.  To be the artist, to be within the discourse.

Hill Boothby, The Dazzling World of Almost.

rippled both shores

That we have instituted so many awards in the arts is an undeniable measure of our loss of confidence.

Hill Boothby, Essays on Disappointment Management.

our earnest degradation

All episodes of silence may be equally silent.  But they are not equal.  Silence is syntactical.

Ross Dunward, My Time on the Tundra.

rule of thumb

The Theory of Evolution seems to eliminate that miracle-of-life dimension from biology, the theological remnant.  That was the theory’s seductive appeal.  That and the thrill of “randomness.”

Godfrey Daniel, Inspecting the Time Domain.