dennis scharnberg

what a pity

Benton was on again about the “asymptotic approach to nothingness.”

Giles Coxe-Coburn, Tooth and Claw.


by the by

What the Leftist hates is the soul.  He takes aim at the soul.  That is the enemy.

Alice Trinculo, Speaking to Sparrows.

systems have needs

Q:  However do we find out what “literature” is?

A:  We ask someone who knows.

Quincy R. Booth, Questions and Answers.

by no means

“But the diagram doesn’t reveal,” said Devon.  “It deceives.”

Benedict Elder, A Cosmopolitan Paradise.

hard black box

The secular West is already polygamous.  We just don’t make the “relationships” official.

Francine Arthur, A Critique of Sincerity.

smiling out loud

What purpose is served when the liar takes an oath?

Winston Joyce, Rational Agent Theory.

just vibrating air

“If only I could know a slightly different form of unhappiness,” whispered Edna.  “Then things would be better—I’m sure of it.”

Burdyce Goode, Wonderful With Dogs.

here goes nothing

…and Tiberius, clubbed on the head with a footstool, fell dead.

Roone Giddings, Dirty Old Coins.

making eye contact

“Yes, Reggie, but you know as well as I do that biology does not apply to human beings.”

Benedict Elder, A Cosmopolitan Paradise.

venture to say

The universe contains not a single intellectual abstraction.  Not a single concept.  Only humans carry those.

Daniel Mapes, Greater Patterns in Bach.