dennis scharnberg

pretending to pretend

“It’s time to wise up, Tom.  I mean about Eleanor.  She seems bent on destroying the very society that makes her degeneracy possible in the first place!  I mean, is there some kind of hidden logic in that?”

Clifford Apogee,  Draining the Pools—A Collection of Stories.


it is raining


Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

pretentious peripatetic poodles

That one can be greater than one’s heritage—this is the great illusion.

Roone Giddings,  Dirty Old Coins.

to the dogs

The Marxist finds it easy to believe that he is normal and that his opponents are mentally ill.

Winslow Crabb,  A More Satisfactory World.

puzzling things out

—But what would one find on the dark side of the moon?

—Swastikas, Gerald.  And plenty of them.

Sebastian Sleeve,  The Random Walk and Other Stories.

wildly thrilling things

…and [he] relies almost exclusively on one method of proof:  assertion.

Ernest Ingram,  The Unclean Sweep.

along the riverrun

I am at payne for all that, sir!

Make it soone!

Make it soone!

Titus Oates,  The Maiden’s Missive.     (1587)

Priscilla Fanning,  Fragments From the Elizabethan Stage.

kit and kaboodle

“Well, that is quite a thought Alice.  Quite a thought indeed!”

Trent Bendix,  Patricia Knows Best.

suit of clothes

A big part of being respectable today is drawing the line between yourself and those who are not respectable.  It is about drawing lines so that others can see where you are.  It is spatial.

Winston Joyce,  Rational Agent Theory.

up and scoot

Some general statements are true.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.