dennis scharnberg

drawn and quartered

We think about our economy as we do about Abe Lincoln and George Washington—in mythic terms.  We are afraid to do otherwise.

Mildred Clapsaddle, A Tangle of Tropes.

kill two birds

Gwen was sporting one of those unforgettable hair-dos that one hears so much about, and longs so much to see.

Benedict Elder, A Cosmopolitan Paradise.

charms formulas spells

The problem with sophistication is that one cannot rid oneself of it.

Hunter Hogarth, Raised by Wolves.

squeak and gibber

Talented at recommending good behavior, not at engaging in it.  That was Pauline.

Christina Rubb, The Awful Puzzle.

pretty and shiny

Q:  What does the actor crave?

A:  To be directed.

Quincy R. Boothe, Questions and Answers.

compromising with heresy

Muriel was sometimes guilty of insufficient pondering.

Trevor Smalling, Pathological Altruism, the Novel.

no harm done

“Nothing is genuine anymore,” said Jeremy.  “Even when it is.  Even then.”

Giles Coxe-Coburn, Belief in Insects.

bread and circuses

…the paramount importance of self—of feeling, of experiencing, of expressing.  The counterculture [of the sixties] distributed this to one and all.

Chelsea Jane Manning, The Feast of Plenty.

making good haste

“Big fish eat little fish” is not charming.  It is brutal, and brutal beyond comprehension.  That is why we do not try to comprehend it.

Clifford O. Mounce,  A Portable Darkness.

fools despise wisdom

enter   fear

Andrew Tertullian, Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.