dennis scharnberg

destroying it all

“Oh, they have the very finest hairdressers.  And the best phone sanitizer.  Everybody says so.”

Douglas Cristobal, Feel the Logic.

pack of jackals

“Show me, please, how not to do it.  How not to do any and all things.

Thaddeus Crewes, Crowded Evil World.

school of fish

Cynthia felt that she should be congratulated for her purchases.

Agatha Vox, When Everything Was Singing.

prevention of vice

For 20th century architecture, there is the word “horrible.”  For 21st century architecture, we have no word.

Alex Twist, A Primer of Posturing.

promotion of virtue

Nature is not what is “plausible.”

Godfrey Daniel, Inspecting the Time Domain.

kettle of hawks

What we call “reason”—that gift from the Enlightenment—is actually self-hatred.

Rollin Mungo, Selected Rants of Mr. Barraclough.

repairing the world

For the liar, an oath is just another lie.

Royce Michaels, The Kingdom of Ice.

to be undone

“I do very much wish to be admired,” confessed Nigel.  “There!  I have said it.”

Tristan Holyoke, A Tree Full of Monkeys.

from confidential sources

“…because she is afraid that, thereby, she will lose everything.  But what Jessica really fears is that this everything is actually nothing.”

Corinna Sparks, Turning to Stone.

it’s all coming

What Trevor really wanted—what he yearned for—was a candidate who promised to eradicate all the pretty lies.

Miles Everett Mander, Hard-Won Tales.