dennis scharnberg

quod erat demonstrandum

A fading society will always present a healthy parasite population.  Look for the parasites.

Christopher Allyn,  Militant Vulgarity.

now we know

To be good at going to school.  That is what Bridget sought.  And that is what Bridget found.

Tristan Holyoke, A Tree Full of Monkeys.

to be seen

ledger  domain

Andrew Tertullian, Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

beyond all reason

“What you are seeing [today] is not what you will see tomorrow,” Alwyn proclaimed almost breathlessly.

Buster Kelso, Crimes Against Music.

commonplaces of existence

Aldredge posits a world full of people walking around, each with a faint emanating radiance….

Thomas Bedlam, Jackdaws and the Problem of Speech.

quantity of rubbish

Constance was in search of a way, a simple way, to help people avoid realizing how embarrassing they are.

Burdyce Goode, Wonderful With Dogs.

she braved all

“We have no medicine for stupidity,” said Mr. Ackenthorpe, chuckling.  But he could not, for the life of him, recall the source for his quip.

Mildred Cummings, Murder and Poetry.