dennis scharnberg

sewing the fields

Kellen believed that he could attain the admiration that he so desperately coveted—and attain it more quickly—if he were to write short stories rather than novels.

Trent Bendix, Grieving for Margaret.

saying is believing

Virtue is concerned with what one does when nobody is watching.  The rest is nothing but theater.

Tyrone Sommer, Circling the Drain.

riddled with asterisks

The newsletter from the art museum—in so few sentences—managed to invoke every major stupid idea of our day.  It was, Simon thought, quite spectacular actually.

Anselm Bligh, A Collection of Miniatures.

metal more attractive

The Latin inflection “ia” came showering down in inexplicable glory….

Algernon Webb, A Speculative Autobiography.

walking by moonshine

The acid-test for actors is sincerity.  If you can fake that successfully, you’re in.

Nigel Swarbrick, A Bootful of Nails.

apologizing yet again

“If you could find it covered in the New York Times Food section, then it was worth eating.”

Allison Terew, The Shining Shifting Things.

bad it was

“A contradiction is found,” laughed Devlin.  “Now everything must change.”

Gareth Spence, She Braved All.

more hilarity ensued

Almost punished.  That is the state in which Bradley found himself on the day after.

Myrtle Mawby, Cabinets and Drawers, a Novel.

hate comes easy

pans and noodles

Andrew Tertullian, Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

throw away lines

“Judith could not have known that unfairness was about the only thing I was still willing to respect.”

Kiefer Sythe, The Detective Club.