dennis scharnberg

fine and dandy

Providing incentives for behaving badly.  That is the society that we have devised.

Christopher Jayne,  A Critique of Sincerity.

by and by

“I laughed, I cried,” confessed Mr. Silas.  “No, really. It was even better than Cats!”

Nicholas Crisp, A Suitcase Fell on Her Head.

in one day

Penelope spoke as though she were casting some object out of her mouth.

Diana Moone, Living Well.

bleak lives matter

Upon seeing the likes of this, Nietzsche would vomit himself out of existence.

Lawrence Rittle,  The Fundamentals of Confusion.

ring of truth

“The Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year award,” said Gerald.  “I want it.”

Stephanie Biggers, Cat Farming in Nigeria.

hide and wait

“How many stories exist?” wondered Yorick.

“Seven,” said Terence.  “There are seven stories.  A slender case can be made for eight.”

Chadwick Graves, Behaving Like a Beast.