dennis scharnberg

aleutians allusions eluded

Economists embrace simple models not because the models are correct or accurate but because the economists can grasp them.

Paul Uccelo, The Content of Boxes.

silent and vast

A European of 1907 had more in common with one of 1307 than with one of our kind.  That is high praise.

Gaylord Perry III, The Walls of Magnus Martyr.

led to believe

“Living is relentless distraction,” Mr. Ellison retorted.  “That is life today.”

Ford Blasey,  The Perplexity of the Two Green Doors.

circular firing squad

“Now, Mr. Alden, tell me what comes to mind when I say the word internet.”

       “Silly.  Silly little kids.”

Trevor Smalling, Pathological Altruism, a Novel.