dennis scharnberg

hasten the decline

Reggie assured Christina, and anyone else who would listen, that he had but a single goal for the summer: learning to regard the mirror as an object, just another humdrum object.

Douglas Cristobal, Feel the Logic.

little to do

What [Aleister] Crowley never understood: Magic is dreary.

J. K. Mortimer, A Portrait of Causality.

opening the window

Live then, not now.

Terence Theodore, Proverbs for a New Era.

more barren zeal

Explain to the dog why he should stop barking.

Clifford O. Mounce, A Portable Darkness.

wrestling with demons

Entropy does not concern randomness or chaos; it concerns pointlessness.

Gilbert Ravening, The Phantom of Mechanical Consistency.

what thou wilt

Mrs. Fitzwilliam watched the glowing embers in a mistrustful manner….

Ruth Ledgerwood, Death by Logic.