dennis scharnberg

done with dispatch

“It’s Trotskyism served on artisanal bread.”  Alwyn’s assertion was both brief and opaque.

Anselm Bligh, A Collection of Miniatures.

come again soon

private aye

Andrew Tertullian, Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

to be seen

—God doesn’t exist, Margie.

—That’s because He is not interested in existing.

Allison Terew, The Shining Shifting Things.

through and through

“If you can claim victimhood,” muttered Eric, “then you are blameless.”

Corliss Archer, Boarding the Crazy Train.

just another event

Doorways exist to let things in.  And the worst doorway of all is boredom.

Enos Slaughter, Speaking Out of the Ground.

expectation is news

“Some actor is happy,” said Bob.  “Believe him!”

Priscilla Onkers, All About Edward.

rational economic decisions

“No, Hadley, this Linda creature is just another case of the empty box that makes noise.”

Mildred Cummings, Murder and Poetry.

shallow psychological trauma

Humbert’s advice was blunt and simple.  “Stay asleep,” he said.

Delbert Arbogast, The Null Hypothesis and Other Stories.

choosing is difficult

“Mr. Ponsonby has been thinking things over,” said Gwen, “and he has come to a conclusion.”

Stephanie Biggers, Cat Farming in Nigeria.


raising the roof

Mr. Delingpole now wholly embraces that notion.  But he still despises Laurence Talbot for championing the idea too soon.

Kiefer Sythe, The Detective Club.