dennis scharnberg

using a term

“They told me that she simply vanished, in the middle of a sentence,” said Lottie, brushing aside a tear.

Rubina Malcolm,  The Black Box.

jarring cross relation

“Wanting to understand it is the mistake,” insisted Daniels.  “Do not try to understand it.”

Ellery Close, The Erasmus Homicides.

marching to nowhere

But the vulture needn’t know that he is a vulture.  Circling a carcass just comes naturally.

Nigel Swarbrick, A Bootful of Nails.

disorder and grief

“The actor’s hair was something of a mystery,” exclaimed Harold.  “I mean, where was it coming from exactly?  And what was it doing?”

Brendan Shaughnessy,  Lobsters and Clams—A Novel.

loud and clear

“Hello, stranger,” said Carter.  “Remember me?”

Michael Margate, The Lay of the Land.

spreading good cheer

“People can change, Julie.  Some people change all the time.”

Gladys Huizinga, Hard-Luck Dennis.