dennis scharnberg

dirty and dangerous

“What about this scenario, Matthews?  That they expend great resources in concealing their incompetence, and they count on bluffing us with the illusion—with the rumor only—of their strength?”

Roger Penberthy,  A Non-Newtonian Unpleasantness.

loss of belongings

“Is it possible, Christine, that you are not thinking as clearly as you might be?”

Hilary Fewkes,  The Banality Killings.

our dark days

The Marxist is certainly not bewitched by the concept of causality.

Addison West,  The Ontology of Destruction.

push and shove

“If anything,” said Spaulding, “Jane is a bit too wonderful.”

Gwenda Reid, Murder in Retrospect.

broke them utterly

With postmodernism, irony becomes a humdrum commodity.

Paul Uccelo, The Content of Boxes.

grain of truth

…our feare being so busie

in this season.

Roger Pym,  The Lady in Lace.    (1621)

Priscilla Fanning,  Fragments From the Jacobean Stage.

sweat of brow

“And if it is the phone that is using you, Eleanor?  What then?”

Mark Anthony, The Tale of the Mirror.

particle of doubt

…like the boy who peeped

After a birde her neste in the bush….

Anthony Burchfield,  Miranda’s Disguise.   (1619)

Priscilla Fanning,  Fragments From the Jacobean Stage.