dennis scharnberg

reading writing arithmetic

[In Pepys’ Diary], each sentence offers a glimpse.

Adrian Hodges,  Nine Restoration Voices.

family of solutions

Desire for a quiet life is still desire.  It is not rationality.

Titus Musgrave,  The Mystery of Sleep.

full length mirror

“Nothing is really true, you know,” said Lucy.  “And that makes it all so much fun.”

Priscilla Onkers,  All About Edward.

wild wood flower

“Sometimes the old distractions don’t seem to work,” admitted Stefan, “and I am left dangling.”

Thaddeus Crewes,  Crowded Evil World.

handful of sand

“This internet of yours, Steadman, is a bit of a jumble,” suggested Mr. Thorne.  “As are we ourselves.”

Dell Arbogast,  The Null Hypothesis and Other Stories.

rough and ready

“I knoweth not what I do write.  Not now.”  This item is from Year Two [1661] of the Diary.

Adrian Hodges,  Nine Restoration Voices.