dennis scharnberg

the vanishing cigar

“Apparently Cordelia has convinced him that honesty is overrated.”

Thaddeus Crewes,  The Seven Long Years.

up the chimney

Beverly let the adjectives repeat and multiply and fly through the air.  It was all “vivid” and “iconic” and “striking” and “gorgeous.”  And it was inescapable.

Jason Starling, ed.,  Adventures in Narrative Parsimony.


red carpet treatment

“This professor,”  said Mr. Hock, “was rambling and obfuscating and sometimes muttering.  Occasionally, at least, it seemed to concern something he called the geometry of whiteness.

Everson Dwight,  Theory of Machines, a Novel.

pulling a beard

Near the top of Will Chatham’s list of “desires in life” stood this one:  to be admired.

Victoria Salt,  A Compendium of Opening Lines.

three nose rings

The Enlightenment’s great gift to posterity is the notion that “society” is essentially a design problem.

Godfrey Daniels,  Inspecting the Time Domain.

big bold tattoos

“Just because I possess wisdom,” wondered Travis, “does that mean that I am entitled to dispense wisdom?”

Burdyce Goode,  Wonderful With Dogs.

absolutely positively perfect

“No, Jane, you cannot choose which matters will be those that embarrass you.”

“Oh, but I think that I can, Charles.  I am certain of it.”

Benedict Elder,  A Cosmopolitan Paradise.