dennis scharnberg

hopped up again

“Look,” said Jennifer, confidently, “if you don’t wish to be censored, don’t say the wrong thing.  This is not difficult!”

Gladys Huizinga,  Hard-Luck Dennis.

decline and fall

Jacqueline sat at her desk, muttering.  All morning long.  Later, Archie claimed to have overheard at least one phrase clearly—something about “the centuries of patriarchal oppression.”

Priscilla Onkers,  All About Edward.

the astral plane

“Is there really any evidence of anything,”  shrieked Diana, “other than stale old history books written by white males with an agenda?”

Benedict Elder,  A Cosmopolitan Paradise.

the akashic record

Actually, I wanted to kick that table.  Even though it was made of wrought iron.  I must have been thinking that it might in some way lead to expansion of consciousness.  Or perhaps to the expansion of something else.

Will Southey,  Wonderful Government Cheese, a Novel.