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“And what is Platonism, Andrew?  It is dwelling on things in general.

Mark Anthony,  The Tale of the Mirror.

nihilism for sale

“There is no need to resist mirrors, Deborah, but do not seek them out.”

Chadwick Graves,  One Damned Thing After Another.

placement of tesserae

Everybody hates him,” claimed Weldon.  “Everybody hates him now, and everybody hated him seven years ago.”

Carla Marks,  The Murder Matter.

rounding the horn

“I just want to be let alone!” is a vicious existential attack on the conventional way of being.  Garbo is engaging in an act of savagery.

Jeremy Breedlove,  A Sardonic View of the Movies.

trunk for sale

“What gets me, Inspector, is that this stuff was not even surreptitious.  He was operating openly, in the light of day!”

Ellen Entwhistle,  The Caravan Murders.

wildroot cream oil

“Hate that picture.  Hate that frame.  And that lamp, Carrie.  That lamp ought to apologize.”

Diana Moone,  Living Well.