dennis scharnberg

orbiting the sun

“Your world,” said Robbins calmly, “is upholstered with a fabric of pretty lies.”

Buster Kelso,  Crimes Against Music.

another empty bucket

Good Is Better Than Evil

Terence Theodore,  Proverbs for a New Era.

the important thing

Chadwick was willing—one might say eager—to engage in mocking the knowledge of experts.

Mark Anthony,  The Tale of the Mirror.

for a buck

“Murder is terrible,” said Whittaker in a low voice.  “Murder dispels all of our illusions.”

Harrison Wilmer,  The Michaelmas Killer.

stuck in muck

Self-realization is a fraudulent enterprise.  Modernity’s little joke.

Jason K. Broadus,  The Ice of My Dreams.

out of luck

Today’s easy times breed contempt for the hardships endured by our predecessors, whose efforts brought about the better days.

P. J. Cahoon,  The History of Crime.

wiggling of toes

Interpretation brings with it the willingness to redefine terms.  Such as the term “fact.”

Thomas Bedlam,  Jackdaws and the Problem of Speech.