dennis scharnberg

playing knick knack

A fashion magazine is a plenum of insincerity.

Hill Boothby,  Essays on Disappointment Management.


this old man

Ellen felt a certain loyalty to her smallish breasts.  So, augmentation was not a serious prospect.

Diana Moone,  Living Well.

in the dell

If life didn’t really exist before social media, then life still does not exist.

Roger Hedgecook,  Stolen and Sold for Parts.

picture of haystacks

“Yes, but animism is more fun,” said Judith in that lilting voice of hers.

Diana Moone,  Living Well.

red plastic pail

“Why do I prefer the eighteenth-century spelling over the modern?” asked Brendan.  “Why allow something to be less interesting when it could be more interesting?”

Chadwick Graves,  Behaving Like a Beast.

came tumbling home

“Yes, Harriet, of course, nineteenth-century Romanticism was a good idea.”

Chadwick Graves,  One Damned Thing After Another.

knick knack paddywhack

gravitational  farce

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.