dennis scharnberg

in a tree

“History should have arranged itself to suit me” is what Fitzwilliam must have been thinking.

Trent Bendix,  Grieving for Margaret.

yearning for admiration

“The more we enable (or prod) people to express themselves, the more commonplace lying will become.”  Benjamin quoted this proposition several times that evening, and he referred to it as Van der Weyden’s Law.

Jed Honneger,  The Barca Boys.

attachment to something

Timothy’s shock was merely for show.  And some of us knew it.

Allison Cowling,  Night of the Detective.

wanting is lying

To them, it doesn’t seem like a conscious decision.  But it is.

Hampton Fancher,  Variations on the Red Barn Con.

in the zone

“But he is not special, Glenda.”  Michael was showing his impatience again.  “In fact, Jeffrey is ordinary.  Excessively ordinary.”

Alberta Traywick,  Susannah’s Accident.

underperforming clothes dryer

“Simpler times are coming, boys,” urged Lawrence.  Harder times.  But simpler.”

Lane Vivian,  A Knob of Old Cheese and Ten More Tales.