dennis scharnberg

smoke without fire

“At least he had the common decency to use a ball peen hammer instead of a claw hammer,” declared Rawlings.  “The latter would have been unseemly.”

Kiefer Sythe,  The Detective Club.

sex and spite

Trivializing is so commonplace in the internet era that we tend to forget how devastating it can be.

Roger Hedgecook,  Stolen and Sold for Parts.

an agreeable sensation

The media exist to tell us who is sensitive and who isn’t, who cares and who doesn’t, and who is good and who is not.  Our job is to believe all of it.

Christopher Allyn,  Militant Vulgarity.

scrap of paper

“I am going away, James.”  Those were her words.  Solemn, magical words.

Nicholas Crisp,  Unfit for Murder.