dennis scharnberg

composing another opera

“Good grief, Caroline, why be restrained when you could be pursuing selfhood?”

Diana Moone,  Living Well.

bird’s eye perspective

Please be more interesting,” implored Mr. Hodges.  “People come on!”

Douglas Cristobal,  Feel the Logic.

the fruited plain

Again and again they mistakenly assume that the train has brakes.

Tyrone Sommer,  Circling the Drain.

the deep end

Jeremy felt that, in all fairness, God owed both Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.  And he, Jeremy, intended to let the world hear all about it.

Dell Arbogast,  The Null Hypothesis and Other Stories.

for the birds

“My wants are few and simple,” said Watson.

Doyle Tatum,  The Holmesian Way.