dennis scharnberg

squirrels in cages

“No big words.  No long convoluted sentences.  Just bafflement.”

Will Bestwyck,  Letters From Mr. Palindrome.

just warming up

“There is no such thing as good or evil.”  So, is there such a thing as a true statement?

Darius Roscoe,  Regression to the Mean.

sinking slowly away

He opened anything that would open.  Cabinets, drawers, hampers, canisters, books.  There was a single overriding concern: to notice.

Allison Cowling,  Night of the Detective.

writing it right

He kept grinding on about high end restaurants and bars and stores. And I recall thinking,  “Yes, end sounds right.”

Nicholas Crisp,  A Suitcase Fell on Her Head.

walking the corridors

That commands had been written—in, say, 1380—to produce this result today.  That is what fascinated Baldwin concerning the polyphony.

Quentin Drabb,  Ebenezer’s Untold Tales.

write it down

“Intellectually impoverished  children now run our institutions,” complained Peavey.  “Do not look.”

Price Cummings,  Rattle Box.