dennis scharnberg

that’s crazy talk

Some things to do at daybreak:

—let in the morning air

—wipe the dust off two shoes

—consider ways to change the facts

—use the word “crumble”

—fill the house with a pleasant aroma

—write letters for an hour or two

—think fifteen minutes ahead

—be drowsy but do not doze

Tessa Fielding and Constance Gogarty,  A Book of Lists.

another old murder

“Girls are pretty, caring, and kind.”  That was young Albert’s mantra.  And repeat it he did.  Again and again.

Burdyce Goode,  Philosophy of Vegetables.

fall of stones

How to locate common sense?  Just look for those notions that seem unpopular.

Hugh Drummond,  A Canine World.

magnificent safe space

At least Kandinsky et alia made no attempt to continue in the way of van der Weyden and Durer and Caravaggio and de la Tour.  For this we owe a profound debt to Modernism.  Just think of the embarrassment prevented.

Crispin Trove,  The Viewer as Pest.

all is two

To characterize Henry Miller’s writing, Spalding needed but a single word: persistent.

Anthony Scowling,  The Beat Paradigm.

pull yourself together

—I would advise her to stay away from the nastiness.  Avoid it completely.


—The internet, old boy.  The Web!

Clifford Apogee,  Draining the Pools—A Collection of Stories.