dennis scharnberg

degrading the institutions

Self-absorption is self-harm.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

more frowning beasts

I feel just a tad more foolish than usual—and somewhat embarrassed—every time I use Wikipedia.

Roger Hedgecook,  Stolen and Sold for Parts.

four and twenty

Could it be that instantaneity—not having to wait—ruins everything it touches?  Photography?

Roger Hedgecook,  Stolen and Sold for Parts.

another noisy world

“Captions for photographs,” mused Vincent.  “Now, that is something I might be good at.”

Will Southey,  Government Cheese, the Novel.

of the world

“I am stupid!”  cried Harold.  “Just plain stupid.”  What a wonderful thing that is for a man to discover.  At the age of forty.

Brendan Shaughnessy,  Lobsters and Clams, a Novel.

inside the labyrinth

“Create your own truth.”  When the self is the only unquestioned value, that is the message.

Anthony Scowling,  The Beat Paradigm.

going in circles

January 25, 2010.       Another hideous-word alert:  “interestingly.”

Reginald Boyington,  Dear Dreadful Diary.