dennis scharnberg

hullabaloo and shindig

In response to a gallery visitor’s question, Gwen confirmed that the insufferable dreariness of her own  work was indeed intentional.

Will Hewes,  Little To Do.

ignoring the moon

“Sometimes I wish I could help them destroy everything,”  said Michael.  “Just to get it bloody over with.”

Tristan Holyoke,  A Tree Full of Monkeys.

pow wow now

“Look how immoral I am being!”  enthused Jacqueline.

Will Southey,  Government Cheese, the Novel.

designing coffee tables

Beverly was very busy indeed.  And what was Beverly doing?  She was expressing concern.  She was expressing deeply felt concern.

Stephanie Biggers,  Cat Farming in Nigeria.

in a trance

Performance [art] calls for a peculiar behavior on the part of the spectator.  One doesn’t quite watch.  Not directly, anyway.  No, the spectator finds a way to coexist with the performance.

Paxton Pierce,  600 Comments on 20th Century Art.