dennis scharnberg

sky as limit

Paula regards “truth” as a brief noise generated by the larynx.

Otto Klegg,  The Ellipse of Uncertainty.

up and scoot

“Understand?  Well, yes.  I have been known to understand, Lucy.  Occasionally.  Yes, let’s say that I do understand.”

Chadwick Graves,  One Damned Thing After Another.

just going along

By preferring X, you ipso facto oppress those who prefer Y or Z.

Nigel Swarbrick,  A Bootful of Nails.

exhibiting moral loftiness

According to Stefan Monk, the Frankfurt School (cultural Marxism) works like a degrading fluid.  It doesn’t make all things solid melt into the air, but it weakens everything.

Alex Twist,  A Primer of Posturing.

the akashic record

“I simply will not comment on that, Barbara.  And I can give you exactly nine excellent reasons.”

Will Southey,  Government Cheese, the Novel.