dennis scharnberg

all together now

It’s that the lies are so familiar to them.  They jump into the whole mess as though stepping into a nice pair of boots.

Hill Boothby,  Essays on Disappointment Management.

let me know

“And down it all went,” said Elfwick in his softest voice.  “Like a mournful Buster Keaton, wondering what has happened.  All the way down to the pavement.”

Adrian Knowles,  Listen to Me.

over the moon

We know society—or civilization—as a continuous phenomenon.  We have yet to experience it on a sporadic basis.

Olmstead Trent III,  The History of Objects.

troll doll attititude

Answers  have  consequences.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

venn diagram pleasantries

What the conspirator sees is planning (not conspiracy).

Desmond Urquhart,  The Unsocial Sciences.