dennis scharnberg

chain of hotels

We need more novels like we need more postmodernist paintings.  The two needs are identical.

Rollin Mungo,  Selected Rants of Mr. Barraclough.

mental illness everywhere

Mark was a wonderful liar, Inspector.  Incomparable, actually.

Hilary Fewkes,  The Banality Killings.

filthy old trousers

A dialogue bubble extended from the hound’s mouth.  Inside the bubble were these words:  “Barkle.  Barkle!  Snuff.  Snarf.”

Gunnar Grimes,  The Persistence of Vision.

queen of diamonds

“lol” on internet comment streams actually says:  No, I did not laugh out loud.  No one laughs today—unless they are inebriated.

Christopher Anselm,  Militant Vulgarity.

something quite atrocious

“Well, of course, we’re stuck with names, aren’t we?  I mean not just our own particular names, but names in general.”

Everson Dwight,  Being and Murder.

bucketful of pebbles

“Since the table leg is made of steel, there is no way it can harm my foot.”  That’s the very sort of logic Charlie applied.  Day after day.

Anselm Bligh,  A Collection of Miniatures.