dennis scharnberg

breakfast cereal aisle

“No, I am picturing a guy roaring down the Dallas North Parkway at ninety miles per hour whilst keying my phone number with his thumb.  I hope that helps.”

Anselm Bligh,  A Collection of Miniatures.

posted keep out

“We don’t know many of the answers, Jackson.  After all, emergent growth is unpredictable and we will be creating the future as we go.”

Addison Quayle,  Grilled-Cheese and Soup.

heterogeneous diversity committees

What does separate us in the modern world from all that came before us?  The photograph, dear reader.  Pictures of this and that.  Pictures of everything.  Reality as image.

Titus Musgrave,  Carthago Delenda Est.

embracing sensory overload

She delivered this elaborate yarn about a snapshot.  A picture that she never saw.  She almost saw it.  But not quite.

Allison Cowling,  Night of the Detective.

down the hatch

A progressive world means that no institution even cares about its original purpose.

Lawrence Knowles,  Styles of Mendacity: The Life and Work of Max Horkheimer.

high flying bird

Lucy’s tone was harsh.  For the first time, Molly was hearing that bitter defensive voice.

Lawrence Bird,  Make It So.

hills and dells

“I don’t want to be poetic,”  claimed Ted.  “I wish to be approximately poetic.”  Needless to say, he had the devil of a time trying to explain to the others what he meant by this.

Chadwick Graves,  Maoist Struggle Session and Other Stories.

in the saddle

“…and James thinks he is getting the better of you by asking the same question again and again.”

Roger Penberthy,  A Non-Newtonian Unpleasantness.

petty bureaucratic schemes

Celebrities have a cushion of justification that enables them to lie.  It comforts them in lying.

Linda Talbotting,  The Long List of Complaint.