dennis scharnberg

barrel of monkeys

“He’s a dictator, Bob.  He has a right to execute people.”

Burdyce Goode,  Wonderful With Dogs.

hem and haw

“Everyday words threaten to crumble into drifting dust when they march out of Mr. Derrida’s mouth,”  exclaimed Stapleton, in a single breath.

Mark Anthony,  The Tale of the Mirror.

shrieking of harpies

“But that’s the whole point, Joanie.  What is it that gets dark?  Is it the air?”

Will Southey,  Government Cheese, the Novel.


the pawpaw patch

Nigel believes that everything does exist because everything ought to exist.  That much, at least, should be made clear.  Nevertheless, the reader might be mistaken to regard this as a key to the mystery that is Nigel.

Gareth Spence,  She Braved All.



another howling hoot

“Turn the other cheek” is not an admonition to surrender, Davis.  Not by a long shot.

Clive Ennis,  The Case of the Broken Handle.

in high places

“It’s a tradition, Paul.  So, yes, I am sure that it will be quite dreary.”

Myrtle Mawby,  Cabinets and Drawers, a Novel.