dennis scharnberg

kanting and hegeling

“Here, try some of this,” offered Mr. Howells.  “I call it my elixir.  I’m afraid it contains almost everything.  Everything except tea.”

Quentin Drabb,  Ebenezer’s Untold Tales.

thrilling natural logarithms

Rationality can be applied.  But it cannot stand apart for inspection.  It cannot be delineated.

Stefan Jannings,  Prolegomena to Any Future.

visibilium et invisibilium

Bertie said that he wished to be punished for his mistakes.  For each of them.  And Molly wasn’t the only person of his acquaintance who found this attitude to be a bit odd.

Trent Bendix,  Patricia Knows Best.

hooting of owls

When mental illness presents itself, we search (in our silly way) for selfhood.

Hester Stills,  The New Academy.

plain and simple

“Their attitude has nothing to do with what you actually think or what you have actually done.  Absolutely nothing.  They are simply nasty people.  Through and through.”

Will Bestwyck,  Letters From Mr. Palindrome.

pi equals four

“How bad are things out your way, Bobby?”

“Bad enough.”

Alberta Traywick,  Susannah’s Accident.

serious tree climbing

“…a fist was formed.  And a face was struck with it.  Again and again.”  So Andrew confessed, in his own peculiar way, to the unprovoked assault on Mr. Merriwether.

Silas Burbage,  The Adventurous Half-Life of Buddy Boyo.

being all agog

“…oh it was something something something about the naked savages of Williamsburg.”

Lawrence Bird,  Make It So.

new chirping machine

He tried to be an “interesting” person.  All summer long.  Night and day.  And just as soon as he had begun to see some degree of success in that regard….

Roone Giddings,  An Arrangement of Particles.

all shook up

We are no longer able to be aware of next winter.  To allow it to affect us.  Today.

Mills Verbruggen,  The Isle of Dogs.