dennis scharnberg

more hard work

She didn’t watch because she particularly liked the program.  No, she was afraid that if she did stop watching, something bad might happen.

Pryce Cummings,  Rattle Box.

bing bang bong

“But Barton never goes outside, Lieutenant.  Unless it’s to walk over to a waiting vehicle.”

Georgina Hickes,  An Ornamental Murder.

friendly leafless trees

“A dictionary can hurt you, Bobby.  It can hurt a person so bad.”

Will Southey,  Government Cheese, the Novel.

listening to crickets

If they were good liars, you would not know that they had ever lied.

Hecuba Gathers,  A Purely Physical World.

row your boat

“Name someone who has an audience, Carly.  And we will take a look at that audience and see what we find.”

Devona Twilly,  Shallowness, a Novel.