dennis scharnberg

opening the box

“Annette’s problem is that she will neither come in nor go out.”

Christina Rubb, The Awful Puzzle.

cowboy boot paradise

“Perhaps Jack the Ripper was just curious about human anatomy,” suggested Edward, hoping to remove that awful smirk from Mindy’s face.

Chadwick Graves, One Damned Thing After Another.

using ordinary language

When the cataclysm hasn’t happened, those who predicted it seem foolish.

Hunter Hogarth, Raised by Wolves.

web of lies

More odds and ends:

  1. this wind roars
  2. fluids flowing backwards
  3. laughter of the dead
  4. bark with slow leakage
  5. there’s nothing in it
  6. fish of all faces
  7. the opening of boxes
  8. saline oblivion
  9. troubled sleep
  10. push button to lock

Tessa Fielding and Constance Gogarty, eds., A Book of Lists.