dennis scharnberg

reaping the wind

“If you were to rip the face off of Diane Sawyer, what do you suppose you would find? Perhaps some kind of grasshopper thing?”

Clinton Hobbes, They.

postulates for sale

“What thoughts are you having with your awesome new thinking ability? Tell us about it, Elvin.”

Ralston Dowd, The General Ghastliness.

make your mark

Walking the plank, a cloudy day, no wind to speak of…

Ann Sensabaugh, The Faulty Haiku.

small metal sign

“Do you like time, Maxine? Even just a little?”

Diana Moone, Living Well.

deliriously happy models

“I like it when we can’t pretend that we know,” muttered Alex, with a thoroughgoing sincerity.

Nathaniel Mist, Rattling the Cages.