dennis scharnberg

old preston trail

“Alexa, soothe me.”

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

another crying jagged

“Stop that sparkling!”  And so Hayden introduced yet another of his baffling imperatives.

Charles Jeffrey Yett,  Writing in Miniature—Vol. 3.

hateful sneering smirk

“Oh, evil does exist Roy.  Just as sedimentary rock exists.”

Bertrand Thorne,  Death on the Manor.

struck by lightning

“If you want to know what consciousness is like,” said Mr. Teale, “just pay attention to it.”

Benedict Elder,  A Cosmopolitan Paradise.

throwing it away

“Yes, Valerie.  But a con man is in the business of being kind.”

Georgina Hickes,  An Ornamental Murder.

things to ruin

Eleanor’s first run in with the cops concerned the operation of a home brewery.  On a fairly large scale.

Stephanie Biggers,  Cat Farming in Nigeria.

three word heading

Missed her and miss his.

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

reigns rains reins

Can ease become excessive?

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

stay see hues

Speaking is simplifying.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

lie a little

Leafblowers  R  Us

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.