dennis scharnberg

strong pattern recognition

Anyone can have reasons.

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

chinny chin chin

Minutiae matter most. Nothing means more than the small things.

Teresa Ravens, The Lives of Helena Blavatsky.

we are pictures

Who will assume [Gertrude Stein’s] mantle? Who will seek to kill the twentieth century dead?

Olmstead Trent III, The History of Objects.

howl sayeth he

“Edith, please tell me, what is the idea behind that hair-do? I’m baffled. Can you help a guy?”

Wilson Phelps, Reaching In.

sax and dregs

“Could it be, Roberta, that he is far more complex than we could ever hope to know?”

Wilson Phelps, Reaching In.

rocks and rolls

A proposition is self-evident, we will say. But is it self-evident that it is so?

Lawrence Rittle, The Fundamentals of Confusion.

telling old tales

The only rigorous feature of contemporary science is exclusion of the divine.

Anthony Dowling, The Past Regarded as a Small Bowl.

pictures of girls

“We must destroy Felix immediately. And destroy all those who associate with him. Until there is not a single professional circus clown left in this world.”

Nicholas Crisp, A Suitcase Fell on Her Head..

ontology of destruction

February 12, 2013. The most recent addition to my swelling collection of words to despise and avoid: “folks”.

Reginald Boyington, Dear Dreadful Diary.

this may happen

“You have no one to blame but yourself, Mr. Hathaway. You, and that vicious snarling sarcasm.”

Timothy Waldo, The Important Things.