dennis scharnberg

write a letter

“…and you must apprehend it, young Bosworth, that to the wicked a decent man is an insufferable abomination.”

Trevor Walpole, The Imperfect Stranger. (1784)

magical sparkling screen

“If my foot’s not jammed into my mouth already,” sang dear old Cyril, “just be patient.”

Quentin Drabb, Ebenezer’s Untold Tales.

lifting the veil

“What do I look for in an ad? I look for an opportunity to learn. About the world. About people.”

Diana Moone, Living Well.

scholar of dust

“Okay. Yes. I did write the lyrics for that song. But that doesn’t mean that I personally agree with every little item.”

Nathaniel Mist, Rattling the Cages.

water is wet

…summoning an alternative reality through narrative. Through words alone. It is the casting of spells. Like Marx and Freud.

Clifford O. Mounce, A Portable Darkness.

spoonful of sand

When Ruth Mix screams in The Black Coin, brother you will know it! Nevertheless, there is something tidy—something businesslike—about her screams.

Logan Nygaard, A Treatise on Amusement.

rope a dope

“Tell it all, Jim,” said Lieutenant Walser. “I want you to tell me everything.”

Allison Cowling, Night of the Detective.

pass a law

“The walls are moving,” said Brenda, with a tone of concern in her voice. “The walls are moving!”

Bertram Worcester, The Smiling Killer.

dossier Dossier DOSSIER

“What if actors could smile, Jennifer? Right there in front of the camera. Wouldn’t that be good?”

Ralston Dowd, A Spot of Bother.

painting crown molding

Where are the smirks of yesteryear?

Patrick Malmsy, Collected Poems.