dennis scharnberg

last week’s buzz

“Larry’s been talking to machines again,” moaned Linda.  “He shouldn’t do that.  It shouldn’t be done.”

Brooks Westerby,  Squaresville.

do not bend

“Observing the way the world is.  That has become a new form of crime, son.  Simply noticing what is what.”

Lance Brookland,  Walking the Plank.

sink sank sunk

“There are plenty who’ll lie, old boy.  But that little actress friend of yours?  She wants to lie.  Always.  She is yearning to lie.”

Lance Brookland,  Walking the Plank.

shoe and till

“The key to Zen?” asked Gwen.  “That would be gin.”

Jason Starling, ed.,  Adventures in Narrative Parsimony.

rounding the horn

“Getting things done might well be illusion, my dear Maitland.  But it still matters.”

Hildebrand Slough,  The Perfect List.

another coin collector

Whore today, goon tomorrow.

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

actors are sociopaths

Mack quickly added that the two women were weeping and had long nails.

Kiefer Sythe,  The Detective Club.

omg lol literally

“Ingrid once bought a totem pole at an auction.  By accident.”

Marston Moore,  Sweet Meteor of Death.

connect the dots

“I simply cannot believe all this is happening.  Pinch me, Reginald.  Pinch me!”

Ralston Dowd,  A Spot of Bother.

zen is gin

hard of whoring

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.