dennis scharnberg

hic et ubique

When asked what he yearned for, LW did not hesitate.  “For a wild beast in our path,” he said.

Titus Musgrave,  Carthago Delenda Est.

planes lorries corridors

Cthulhu swims leftward.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

give a yell

“The hole must be filled, Audrey.  And, no, I do not mean country matters!”

Thaddeus Crewes,  The Seven Long Years.

cover of darkness

“Think of today’s art as a corridor,” said Mr Tomlin.  “Think of it as a matter of high seriousness.”

Leonard Lundy,  I Can Hear the Robin Sing.

hopping for hope

Rubble is beautiful.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

dishing it out

That which is explicitly ridiculous cannot be ridiculed.  This is the shabby armor of the postmodernist.

Hill Boothby,  The Dazzling Realm of Almost.

sleeping with fishes

“You see, Jenny, I grew up in a social milieu that was not interested in Blacks.  And certainly not obsessed with them.  I realize that it must seem almost impossible to you.”

Benedict Elder,  A Cosmopolitan Paradise.

dancing is courageous

Trina reported seeing a guy with a hand-held cardboard sign, on which a simple message had been scrawled with what appeared to be liquid shoe polish:  “Will Work for Food (organic only, please).”

Corliss Archer,  Boarding the Crazy Train.

avoid more facts

One thing that Gibbon missed:  that life might be more fun during the period of decline.

Hill Boothby,  The Dazzling Realm of Almost.

to the beat

“My feelings ought to be hurt by that remark,” thought Wilson.  “I wonder if they are.”

Pryce Cummings,  Rattle Box.