wild and woolly

by Dennis Scharnberg

“I tend to think in terms of three, Sam.  Groups of three.  And I do believe that there was a third great Homeric poem, in addition to the Odyssey and the Iliad.  Of course, it is lost to us.  Long gone.  But in my vision of the thing, it must have centered upon the later life of a minor character who appears in some versions of the Iliad.  His name works out to be something like our familiar “Molloy.” And the poem is likely to have narrated—relentlessly— the everyday minutia in the life of this whining, complaining, small-minded parasite.  And, Sam, do bear in mind that there be might certain advantages inherent in the loss of this text.  You know what they say about gift horses.”

Will Bestwyck,  Letters From Mr. Palindrome.