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blown to smithereens

“It’s just more postmodernism, Glenda. How can it possibly matter?”

Diana Moone, Living Well.

more and more

Why do we hesitate?

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

rash and giddy

“If you will just shut up, Judith, I’ll give you a twenty. Crisp and clean. Okay, then, a fifty!”

Heywood Wakefield, The Humdrum Demon.

beneath the moon

The very notion that one is ethically superior excludes a person from that status. It disqualifies.

Chalmers van Nest, The Trivial Quadrivium.

river of rubbish

“He owns a Kandinsky or two, a large full-length portrait of a young woman by Kirchner, and an important Warhol from the mid-60s. He is absolutely loaded, of course.”

Nicholas Crisp, Unfit for Murder.

just keep consuming

Eventually it will seem as though we had been bewitched into believing that there was something called the internet.

Brendan Sander, Speaking in Wonders.

please be reasonable

Upside down

is prince as clown

is swim as drown

is sticks as town

is grin as frown

is blue as brown

Up sighed “down”.

Patrick Malmsey, Collected Poems.

mammaries as expression

“I attack materialism. I mock all forms of sophistication. I expose the hilarity (and the mystery) of the written word. That’s about it.”

Dennis Waverly, A Woman in Gray.

using your devices

We’re soccer thugs

And we’ll turn your lugs

And steal your bloody tire, sir.

We’ve got sad mugs

And like great jugs

And we will earn your ruddy ire, sir.

E. E. Bynum, A Thump Upon the Head (and Other Poems).

humming and drumming

“Personally, I don’t think that a bathroom requires a chandelier. But there stood Candace, ready to insist on one.”

Park V. Kessler, Nearly Happy.