dennis scharnberg

buildings will fall

“Soon we will be forced to listen,” insisted Jack. “You mark my words.”

Ralston Dowd, The General Ghastliness.

out in red

How much of civilization is mere momentum?

Titus Musgrave, Carthago Delenda Est.

watching for earthquakes

One salient feature of hedonism is how dull it can be.

Alice Trinculo, Speaking to Sparrows.

hand me downs

Progressivism is speculation.

Desmond Urquhart, The Unsocial Sciences.

intoxicating official narrative

Shelby thought that his feelings were an immensity, and could never be encompassed by mere words.

Rubina Malcolm, The Black Box.

marxist summer camp

Overheard at a party: “I think animism is the answer. I honestly do.”

Anselm Bligh, A Collection of Miniatures.

mopping the floor

It leaves him where philosophy always leaves the philosopher: What are your criteria and by means of what criteria did you arrive at them?

Christopher Jayne, A Critique of Sincerity.

dead in ditch

“That’s how movies are put together, silly! One shot was taken last Wednesday, and the next one was taken last year.”

Mark Anthony, The Tale of the Mirror.

giving a damn

“If they would all just listen,” urged Natalie. “If words could just be put together in the proper sequence.”

Gladys Huizinga, Hard-Luck Dennis.

hollow mirthless laughter

Stars? Yes. Moon? No.” And with that, Mr. Hawltree refused to breathe another word.

Jason Starling, ed., Adventures in Narrative Parsimony.