dennis scharnberg

rule by lawyers

“No, Reggie, not Judo. That’s for the squares. Tae Kwon Do is what you want. Got it? Tae. Kwon. Do.”

Corliss Archer, Boarding the Crazy Train.

man or beast

“Don’t think of it! Don’t think of it!” said Desmond, aloud, with gritted teeth. “Don’t think of anything ever again,” he whispered.

Thaddeus Crewes, Crowded Evil World.

universe of fun

“There are ten thousand ways to lie, Hadley, old fellow, and to say nothing at all is by no means the least of those.”

Harrison Wilmer, The Michaelmas Killer.

mediocre cat impersonator

This culture does not believe in wisdom, except for the wisdom that declares that there is no wisdom.

Cedric Plumm, All Roads Lead.