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on the prowl

“But what does it all mean, Arnold?”

Hilary Fewkes,  The Banality Killings.

having a luau

“We must pay close attention to the preferences of screenwriters, Jane.  They’ll be our pathfinders.  They will show us the way.”

Stephanie Biggers,  Cat Farming in Nigeria.

come bird come

Civilization just happens.

Godfrey Tooke,  Collected Aphorisms.

belief in plenitude

“It’s worse that you can imagine, Dinah.”

What is?”


Anselm Bligh,  A Collection of Miniatures.

altar of words

Dr. Zorka (Bela Lugosi’s character) had invented a horrible gas that made objects—including people—disappear completely.  The eradication of the world was now possible.  Karl Marx’s dream come true.

Reginald Breedlove,  A Jaundiced View of the Movies.

empire of lies

At least the Robber Barons had some common sense about economics.

Gaylord Perry III,  The Walls of Magnus Martyr.

ting tang walla

“What is a picture, Alice?  I mean, what kind of thing is it?”

Pryce Cummings,  Rattle Box.

walla bing bang

“Ha!” cried Janice.  “You don’t know me well!”

Myrtle Mawby,  Cabinets and Drawers, a Novel.

just being silly

“I always felt that Devlin was leaving important details out of that sad tale of his.”

Carla Marks,  The Murder Matter.

soaring melodic lines

Here, the legend becomes a bit thin.  We know that Scipio the Elder died at an advanced age.  Probably of some disease.  But it is just possible that he was struck by lightning.

Roone Giddings,  Dirty Old Coins.