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out of date

“Because it is not pop music, that’s why. In materialist terms, it’s probably not music at all.”

Dennis Waverly, A Woman in Gray.

like a dream

October 11, 2014. Prospect for a new hobby: Hold a small scrap of paper (or tissue) while standing. Release same, and then go lurching after it. Come what may.

Reginald Boyington, Dear Dreadful Diary.

big resonating wow

A wooden house sat large and lonely, in fading light. On either side stood blackened trees. The house was foreboding—almost frightening—as though it were sending a signal. Suddenly, within the dream itself, I realized that I had been examining a photograph. Black-and-white, and bearing distinct marks of folding.

Brendan Sander, Speaking in Wonders.

greed ain’t it

“It’s the name of a painting, Amelia. That’s all we know. I mean, what kind of person gives a name to a picture?”

Dennis Waverly, A Woman in Gray.

bassus altus superius

“You have to be willing to learn a few things, Cynthia. After all, getting rid of stuff is kind of fun once you get started.”

Park V. Kessler, Nearly Happy.

hobby-horse is forgot

They found themselves in the midst of what interior decorators refer to as an “ottoman crisis”.

Chase Tipton, Enjoying Prison Pizza.

blackrock has heart

“Some people respect the past, Amanda. Or even admire it. And they can find the past in the present. But some people simply yearn to destroy.”

Heywood Wakefield, The Humdrum Demon.

added extra bonus

Nothing never happens.

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

malicious sheer surfaces

“It’s great to be green,” chirped Allen. “Quite great.”

Chase Tipton, Enjoying Prison Pizza.

long short story

“I’ll tell you how, Sondra. You pretend that there is a secret, whereas, in fact, there isn’t one. There is nothing at all.”

William Garrick, My Friend Bryson.