dennis scharnberg

being against something

The playwright is like Iago, but he whispers into our ear.

Winslow Steele,  The Anatomy of Stasis.

barnacles and mollusks

Looting:  improvised economic justice.

Nathaniel Bumppo,  The Putrescence of the Word.

he reached out

We were wrong to attribute a Romantic “depth” to nihilism.  Consider instead the prospect of a shallow nihilism.

Winslow Steele,  The Anatomy of Stasis.

more popcorn please

Failure to represent reality correctly is never a fatal flaw in economics modeling.

Davis Packstone,  Types of Theory.

pedestals for sale

“How about staying at home instead?  You could read about the running of the bulls.  In a comic book, say.”

Burdyce Goode,  Philosophy of Vegetables.

noticing not allowed

Under close interrogation by the locals, Jeremy maintained that he had “no idea.”  None whatsoever.

Ralston Dowd,  A Spot of Bother.

now he knows

Reject Common Sense

Terence Theodore,  Proverbs for a New Era.

celebrate nose rings

organized rhyme

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

too plus too

“Stare into the pool, Alicia.  Stare and keep on staring.  Soon you will be miles away.”

Brooks Westerby,  Squaresville.

bucketful of mud

“It would have to be Alinsky Rule 4.  It’s just that simple, Dwight.  There is no complexity.”

Corliss Archer,  Boarding the Crazy Train.