dennis scharnberg

dead in ditch

“That’s how movies are put together, silly! One shot was taken last Wednesday, and the next one was taken last year.”

Mark Anthony, The Tale of the Mirror.

giving a damn

“If they would all just listen,” urged Natalie. “If words could just be put together in the proper sequence.”

Gladys Huizinga, Hard-Luck Dennis.

hollow mirthless laughter

Stars? Yes. Moon? No.” And with that, Mr. Hawltree refused to breathe another word.

Jason Starling, ed., Adventures in Narrative Parsimony.

rule by lawyers

“No, Reggie, not Judo. That’s for the squares. Tae Kwon Do is what you want. Got it? Tae. Kwon. Do.”

Corliss Archer, Boarding the Crazy Train.

man or beast

“Don’t think of it! Don’t think of it!” said Desmond, aloud, with gritted teeth. “Don’t think of anything ever again,” he whispered.

Thaddeus Crewes, Crowded Evil World.

universe of fun

“There are ten thousand ways to lie, Hadley, old fellow, and to say nothing at all is by no means the least of those.”

Trevor Walpole, The Imperfect Stranger. (1823)

mediocre cat impersonator

This culture does not believe in wisdom, except for the wisdom that declares that there is no wisdom.

Cedric Plumm, All Roads Lead.

menu of opinions

“And what about the cultural appropriation of plumbing?” demanded Aaron.

Pryce Cummings, Rattle Box.

always year zero

“How obedient the actors are! That’s what strikes me, Edward.”

Trent Bendix, Patricia Knows Best.

wretched wobbling world

Debunked: a word used to cast a magic spell.

Nathaniel Bumppo, The Putrescence of the Word.