dennis scharnberg

actors are sociopaths

Mack quickly added that the two women were weeping and had long nails.

Kiefer Sythe,  The Detective Club.

omg lol literally

“Ingrid once bought a totem pole at an auction.  By accident.”

Marston Moore,  Sweet Meteor of Death.

connect the dots

“I simply cannot believe all this is happening.  Pinch me, Reginald.  Pinch me!”

Ralston Dowd,  A Spot of Bother.

zen is gin

hard of whoring

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

conversation around something

Madeline and her associates first formulated a list of depravities—everything vile they could think of.  Next, they set about pursuing the depravities.  One by one.

Clifford Apogee,  Draining the Pools—A Collection of Stories.

hard to believe

Haight speech

Andrew Tertullian,  Pandora’s Ponderous Puns.

follow the females

“Dropping items from a considerable height.  Now, is there a word in English for that sort of thing?  Stivers?  What say you, man?”

Ralston Dowd,  A Spot of Bother.

we sumped her

“No, Jeffrey.  You don’t want to photograph everything.  Try cutting that by half.”

Diana Moone,  Living Well.

show and tell

“What I was arguing upon, sir, was the proper time of day for a young gentleman to rise.  I said eight of the clock and he declared it noon.”

Trevor Walpole,  The Perfect Stranger.    (1757)

plague of locusts

“From a hippie commune to pornographic videos—that is such a great leap.  And then there was Lisa’s horrible murder.”

Devona Twilly,  Shallowness, a Novel.