dennis scharnberg

pale wildwood flower

…besides, the greatest architect of all was actually a composer named Johann Sebastian Bach.

Harold Nazworthy, Weidemeyer’s Admiral.

being lied to

Box of pine, barrel of wine, scrub me ever till I shine….

Anne Sensabaugh, The Faulty Haiku.

induced economic coma

The notion that “there is no turning back” is crucial to modernism. It is equal in importance to the relentless promotion of “star” players (van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, Warhol).

Hill Boothby, Essays on Disappointment Management.

degree in journalism

“Silas Wegg, for example, was scrupulously dishonest. He found a sort of pride, or sense of purpose, in that.”

Will Bestwyck, Letters from Mr. Palindrome.

learning about nothing

Careerism is about being something, not doing something.

Christopher Jayne, A Critique of Sincerity.

new economic measures

Photographs steal.

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

celluloid or acetate?

“Bertrand’s conclusions were drawn from his ludicrous assumptions by means of a pure, crystalline logic. Do not doubt me.”

Will Bestwyck, Letters from Mr. Palindrome.

ear of corn

“Oh, berry me knott on the loaned prair-rie.” This puzzling message was scribbled on a Walmart receipt and left upon the desk, alongside a clutter of late Victorian trade cards and an old coin bearing the image of Marcus Aurelius.

Jason Starling, ed., Adventures in Narrative Parsimony.

latitude and longitude

“So smart,” she thought, warmly. “So very smart. So very, very, very smart.”

Diana Moone, Living Well.

filling a vacuum

“Our zeitgeist, Mr. Denson, is simply evil. And doesn’t that guarantee that tomorrow’s will be worse?”

Benedict Elder, A Cosmopolitan Paradise.