dennis scharnberg

twist and shout

We believe that we are able to think clearly—to think straight, so to speak. But we are simply wrong about that.

Lance Brookland, Walking the Plank.

sing sang sung

We lack clarity concerning how damaged we are.

Godfrey Tooke, Collected Aphorisms.

off and running

“It is visual art, Deborah. You’re right. But it is not about being looked at. That much I do know.”

Katie Davenport, Back to Brooklyn.

russet mantle clad

I soon realized that my recollections of the text were more enjoyable than a rereading of the book would be.

Paul Uccelo, The Enigma of the Box.

my kingdom for

“There’s a hundred hidin’ places in this neighborhood, Johnny, and all of ’em good.”

Harold Nickleby, Captain Hugo and the Case of the Mystic Rhymes.

all’s well that

Thinking that we already know is the postmodernist replacement for curiosity.

Winslow Steele, Anatomy of Stasis.

just like gravity

“I have no talent whatsoever,” claimed Holden. “And I have the MFA degree to prove it.”

Katie Davenport, Back to Brooklyn.

contemporary art rules

I blink, therefore I am.

Victoria Salt, A Compendium of Opening Lines.

eye of wren

“It’s okay when we do it,” whispered Dwayne.

Silas Wegg, School of Dust.

outstaring the abyss

“That Hardesty does not theorize is just a theory about the guy.”

Augustus Bligh, Crawlspace.